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Press Release

Police invited TV2 to the ransacking

TV2 wanted to set the agenda when the Chief of Police in Holstebro started the investigation against the Board of the Foundation, after he had watched a so-called "documentary" on TV2 on 21st August 2000. The announcement of the investigation was declared the day after the TV programme. It has now been made clear that TV2, already the following day wanted to set the agenda for the work of the Police, as TV2, together with Frede Rasmussen, who’s real name is not Farmand (daddy’o) but he wishes to be know as such - appeared at the police station with the "information" they had gathered for the programme. The police has made copies of this material and has used it in the case against the Foundation.

The police has admitted the above in a note signed already on 7th June 2001, by Criminal Commissioner Knud Haargaard, who on behalf of the police was in charge of the raids. The note has by vice-lawyer Poul Gade been sent to the Public Prosecutor in Aalborg.

The Press Release has been sent by

Jytte Martinussen

Odinsvej 17

7200 Grindsted

Email: jyttemar@tiscali.dk


Letter From The State Prosecutor for special economic criminal activities

To the Public Prosecutor in Aalborg.

Re. The case No SA4-2001-321-0059 - Tvind

In the above named case, Mr. Harlang (solicitor) has protested against the fact that the Police has given TV2 information about the time of the investigation in Grindsted on 25th April.

In connection with this I have received an explanation from Mr. Knud Haargaard, Chief of Police. This is enclosed.

Information about e.g. the time for a search is not information of a type that ought to be forwarded to the press prior to the event. As a response to this event, The Chief of Police has made it clear that the contact between the police and TV2 must be limited, and, in this case, and for the time being, it is only the Chief of Police who may make announcements on behalf of the police.

Parts of the case materials have already been forwarded to you. If you need further information, please contact me.

On behalf of the Chief of Police in Holstebro,


Poul Gade,

Vice Public Prosecutor



Regarding the search on the Tvind addresses Plagborgvej 13, Grindsted and Odinsvej 17, Grindsted on 25th April 2001.

Upon a request from the Vice Public Prosecutor Mr. Poul Gade, the signee would like to explain why Frede Farmand could be present at the venue of search in Grindsted at the time when the search took place.

The investigations in the mentioned case were started on the background of TV2’s documentary on TVIND, and this programme is primarily building upon materials collected by Frede Farmand. This material has been received from inspection authorities and from a number of TVIND teachers and students. In addition, the person in question has taken photographs of a large number of premises and apartments owned by TVIND.

Following the programme, the Chief of Police in Holstebro declared that he would start the preliminary investigations on the background of the programme. The following day, TV2 and Frede Farmand contacted the police and invited them to study parts of the materials which could have relevance to the preliminary investigations.

Prior to asking the Court in Ringkoebing for a search warrant and seizing of materials, we copied those parts of the materials presented to us by TV2 And Frede Farmand that we saw as possibly relevant to our investigations, here-among photos of the premises against which the search were going to take place.

Following my request to the Court I told Frede Farmand, that, taking the investigation into consideration, I was going to postpone my further studies of his materials and would contact him at a later stage.

Probably on the background of my silence in the case, Frede Farmand started a constant surveillance of the TVIND localities of which I had requested photos, probably because he could guess that we, in the near future, would carry out a search against TVIND.

During Easter, he contacted me several times and told me that he, together with others, kept surveillance of TVIND’s localities in Grindsted and through doing so had come to the conclusion that the Teacher Group were carrying out a common construction meeting at a newly bought premises that TVIND had purchased.

On this background I judged that the surveillance of TVIND localities carried out by Frede Farmand and other persons, could ruin our planned operation. Consequently, as I feared that his surveillance activities could be detected, I made an agreement with Frede Farmand, that as long as he stopped his surveillance, I was going to inform him of the time for the search.

I told Frede Farmand that he would be allowed access to public road at the time of the search as long as he did not enter private property and, if he was in the way of the search activities he would have to expect to be taken into custody.

This agreement was kept by both parties.

Signed by Knud A. Haargaard

Chief of Police